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Greenbrier River Landowner Survey


1. Is your property on_______ near_______ the Greenbrier River or tributary?

          Name Stream___________________________________________________


2. How long have you owned your property?

_____Less than 5 yrs.     ______5-9 yrs   ______10-19yrs      _____more than 20 yrs


3. What are the major uses of your property?

___Recreational  ___Residential  ___Commercial  ___Industrial  ___Agricultural  ___Vacant


4a. What is the size of your property?

 ___0-5 acres  ___2-5 acres  ___5-25 acres  ___25-100 acres   __over 100


4b. Check which one you have:  ___septic           ___sewer         ____other (explain):____________________________


5a. Do you live on your property?  ___Yes  ___No


5b. If not, how often do you go there?  ___daily  ___weekly  ___monthly ___a few times a year


6.  Please indicate the area where your property is located (example: old town of Burnsides near Keister):_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


7. Which of the following qualities or values of property are important to you:

___scenic beauty    ___recreational opportunities  ___privacy           ___investment value

___good water quality  ___agricultural  ___other (please specify)


8. Which of these activities do you presently enjoy on your property?

___biking  ___boating  ___cross-country skiing  ___fishing  ___hiking  ___hunting  ___swimming

___other(please specify)


9. Please mark any items below that you think are a problem on your property.

                                                                                             Current Problem                        Future Problem

Sand & Gravel Mining



Riverbank Erosion



Water Quality



Water Level Changes



Increased Development:










Loss of historical rural character






Increased Recreational Use



Solid Waste Disposal



Proposed Dam Construction






Hazardous Materials



Lack of Public Access



Unauthorized Vehicles



Other (please specify):




10a. Does the Greenbrier River Trail pass through your property?  ___Yes    ___No


10b. If so, which of the following describes your attitude toward the trail  ___asset  ___nuisance  ___neutral


  1. Please indicate, if any, how the following activities or situations interfered with your enjoying your property:                                   

                             Often                                 Occasionally                   Never

Water Pollution
















Industrial development




Residential development
























Other (please specify):





      12.  What is the most likely thing that will happen to your land within the next 10 years?

___Developed (by self or others)

___Retained in present condition (by self or others)

___Sold to the highest bidder for unlimited development

___Sold to the highest bidder with conservation restrictions

___Easement to local land trust or with other conservation group to insure protection of property

___Easement to local or state government to insure protection of the property


      13.  Would you like to see your land remain undeveloped?       ___Yes   ___No


      14.  Please check the space which describes your attitude toward the following methods of land preservation:


                                                                                                                     Approve          Disapprove        No opinion           

Sole responsibility of individual landowner   




Conservation Easements




Reduced property taxes for land with conservation easements




Federal or state tax incentives for private land conservation





15.  Are you interested in learning more about land preservation, especially methods with tax or other                                                                                         financial advantages to the landowner?   ___Yes            ___No


16.  If you would like to participate in the activities of the Greenbrier River Watershed Association, or keep abreast of its activities, please list your name and address below so that you may be included on our mailing list.*


Name:______________________________________________   * If you would like your survey to remain

Address:_____________________________________________      anonymous but wish to be included on our

___________________________________________________          mailing list, you may send your name and

Phone:______________________________________________     address via email (



Thank you for your help if you have any question please call 304-647-4792.