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Calling All Water Warriors! Join us Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:00am for the Public Hearing on HB 2811 in the WV House Chamber. Rise up with us, and resist these attempts to endanger our clean water supply!

Yesterday, the House Energy committee took up HB 2811, a bill that would further weaken the protections of the Aboveground Storage Tank Act (ASTA) by exempting more than two-thirds of the chemical storage tanks that are now covered by ASTA. Not only that, over 29,000 tanks would no longer be registered, let alone regulated. HB 2811 sailed unanimously through, and is now headed to the House Judiciary committee. See more HERE

We need your help to slow momentum on this bill!
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  Currents is a celebration of the dozens of watershed groups that help protect, preserve and restore West Virginia's waterways, told in their own words. It premiered at the WV Rivers Film Festival in Morgantown on October 22, 2015. Currents is a production of the WVDEP, and was produced and directed by Michael Huff.
Here's what we need your help on:
  • Water Quality Standards: while we successfully made our voices heard last fall on bad revisions to WV's water quality standards, we need to be ready to defend against attempts to allow increased water pollution during the legislative session. 
  • Category A Drinking Water Protection: Category A protects our waters so they can safely be used as drinking water sources. We know industry wants to remove Category A protection from the vast majority of West Virginia's waterways.
  • Protecting Private Land: issues over eminent domain and private property will likely be on the agenda, including a bill that was defeated last legislative session which would have allowed gas company surveyors onto private property without permission.
  • Rollbacks to the Aboveground Storage Tank Act (ASTA): passed after the 2014 Elk River chemical leak, ASTA regulates certain aboveground storage tanks, like the Freedom Industries tank that caused the water crisis. Since the passage of the Act, the oil and gas industry has lobbied for an industry-wide exemption. We must be ready for a repeat attempt.
West Virginia Natural Streams Preservation Act
If you are interested in understanding the additional protections of the Greenbrier and New Rivers below Knapps Creek, take a look at the West Virginia  Natural Streams Preservation Act.
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The Greenbrier River at Caldwell, WV. By Dan Smead

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The Problem(s) with Pipelines: An Anthology
Belle Fourche Pipeline Leak, Dec. 10, 2016. Image Credit – Jennifer Skjod, N. Dakota Dept. of Health

Belle Fourche Pipeline Leak, Dec. 10, 2016. Image Credit – Jennifer Skjod, N. Dakota Dept. of Health

On Sunday, Dec. 4 the Army Corps of Engineers issued a decision which will again delay construction of  the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The ruling was cheered by water protectors entrenched in the path of the pipeline at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. These representatives of indigenous nations, environmental activists, veterans, and many other groups have been resisting pressure from private security and law enforcement officers... Continue

  ________________________________________________________________________________________________   Final EPA Report: Fracking Threatens Drinking Water December 13, 2016

biological_drinking_water_treatment_running_faucetAfter years of researching the environmental effects of horizontal gas drilling, including the controversial practice called “fracking”, the Environmental Protection Agency released a final report that highlights threats, but is still largely inconclusive.

Drilling practices that capture gas trapped in shale rock deep underground can contaminate drinking water – but federal regulators aren’t sure how risky it is. That’s the final takeaway from a $30 million report that took six years to finish. Continue


WV Supreme Court: No Pipeline Surveys for Private Gain

West Virginia property owners won an important case at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals on Tuesday when that Court sided with Appalachian Mountain Advocates attorneys, ruling that the Mountain Valley Pipeline cannot survey for its proposed natural gas pipeline without landowner permission. The Court held that such a survey would constitute an illegal "private taking for private use," because the proposed pipeline would not benefit West Virginians. Full story click here

The Greenbrier River Watershed Association, founded in 1990, is one of the oldest watershed associations in the state. With thactis website, we hope to give the Greenbrier River Watershed residents and visitors the tools they need to take responsible care of the land that is home to the waters.  Most importantly we hope that the people of these beautiful mountains get outdoors and enjoy wild and wonderful West Virginia. Come out and join us!

GRWA-Report-2015 NEWS: Greenbrier River Watershed Association joins with Pipeline Update to provide the most up to date meeting information and news on proposed pipelines in our watershed. If you want the most recent news and information, go to http://pipelineupdate.org/ and see what is happening lots of folks are coming out to meetings all over West Virginia and Virginia!

Upshur County Map

Upshur County Map

More maps at Mountain Valley Pipeline Download these from Dropbox: Pocahontas County WV Map 9mb Randolph County WV Map 14 mb Upshur County WV Map 14 mb Part 1 Harrison County WV Map 5mb Fact Sheet Action Steps

The Greenbrier River

From the wilds of Blister Swamp high in the Allegheny Mountains until it flows into the New River Gorge National River near Hinton, the Greenbrier River has carved its way almost two hundred miles through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled terrain on the East Coast.  It is the longest free flowing river in the East, and boasts two of our newest wilderness areas, Spice Run and Big Draft.img_3496

One of the nation's oldest rail to trail conversions, the scenic Greenbrier River Trail parallels the river for almost eighty miles in Pocahontas and Greenbrier Counties, affording access to the river and some of the surrounding state parks and forest and the Monongahela National Forest.

The river and its tributaries provide drinking water for communities, water for agriculture and recreation, and home for abundant wildlife, including bald eagles, lynx, black bear, river otters and myriad of birds and mammals.