ACTION ALERT: West Virginians Against Manchin’s Side Deal

The fight against MVP is making national and international news ever since the Manchin-Schumer “side deal” became known. This is the deal that used the urgency of climate change and inflation reduction to undermine established environmental safeguards and push through the MVP. Now that folks are paying attention, let’s let them know not every West Virginian agrees with Joe.

ACT NOW: Tell Congress to say NO to Senator Manchin’s “Dirty Energy” Side Deal!

Click the link below to read and sign our petition:

West Virginians Against the Manchin-Schumer “Dirty Energy” Deal

Tell Washington NOT to pass legislation that favors fossil fuel special interests at the expense of climate action, clean air, clean water, and vulnerable frontline communities in Appalachia and across the country! This side deal undermines the climate goals and benefits just enacted in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Tell Washington NOT to let Joe Manchin force completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline! We know firsthand that the MVP is a disaster in the making: unsafe, unneeded, and a climate chaos accelerator. MVP will increase fracking, increase new fossil fuel infrastructure and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

This petition against the Manchin-Schumer side deal is co-sponsored by Indian Creek Watershed Association and Greenbrier River Watershed Association. We will share it with President Biden and members of Congress when they return in early September to consider action on the “side deal” Manchin made to secure his vote for climate action progress in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Thank you! … Please pass this forward to others you know – current (and former) West Virginians and friends of West Virginia who don’t want this state turned into a fossil fuel utility corridor. Groups and organizations are welcome to sign on. The more voices the better!

Help us reach 1,000+ before a September 8th Lobbying Day and Rally in DC.

This petition is co-sponsored by Indian Creek Watershed Association and the Greenbrier River Watershed association, whose watersheds and namesake creek and river are crossed by the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

We welcome other West Virginia organizations to sign on, as well as West Virginians from all over who want to protect our natural resources, build a sustainable economy and promote a liveable planet.

THANK YOU for adding your voice! To sign this petition, complete the information below and add a personal comment (optional). Then hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

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