Water Quality Survey  
The Division of Forestry and Natural Resources at WVU is conducting a survey of West Virginia residents about the quality of drinking water and surface water. Please consider taking the survey and sharing your opinions.
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Clean Water Action of the Week
Take Action to Keep More Toxins Out of Our Water

Both the House and Senate of the WV Legislature have introduced similar bills that would allow more toxins in our waters. SB 246 and HB 2506 have both been referred to their respective judiciary committees for consideration, check out our summary on the bills. Now is the time to let those committee members know that you want them to say “no” to dumping more dangerous toxins and cancer-causing chemicals in our drinking water supplies. Click here to send your message today.

Let legislators know that more toxic pollution is not what we want for the future of West Virginia.

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WV Rivers Coalition

The 2017 legislative session began last Wednesday and already the attacks on water have started. Make sure you sign-up for our weekly Water Policy Updates so you can stay informed and take action on water issues -


Community and Conservation Groups Blast FERC Findings on Fracked-Gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline

America’s next big pipeline fight is emerging in the mountain towns and farming communities of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. With federal regulators poised to rubber-stamp the proposed fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline, landowners, community leaders and their allies are taking inspiration from the water protectors at Standing Rock and vowing to stand together to stop it. In response to requests from numerous elected officials and organizations, FERC has extended the usual 45-day period for public comments; the deadline is April 6, 2017. PRESS RELEASE WITH CONTACT INFORMATION FERC DEIS



North American Security and Infrastructure Act A bill moving in Congress called the North American Security and Infrastructure Act, commonly referred to as S2012 will greatly expand fracking, fast track pipelines and LNG ports, and expand access to both tribal lands and national parks by fracking infrastructure.  Needless to say with all these provisions climate change will be exponentially exacerbated.  The implications of this massive 792 page bill has not been properly assessed by lawmakers and there has been little public awareness about its imminent adverse impacts. Even with a lame duck Congress this bill could move very quickly within the next two weeks, so it is imperative that we make our opposition known and felt immediately. Any group fighting any type of fracked oil or gas infrastructure will face even greater challenges if this bill becomes law.  

Contact your Senator

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krogerSupport Clean Water in Your Community with Kroger Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards donates to your designated non-profit organizations with 5% of your purchase amount.  This does not affect the fuel points that you earn on your Kroger card or cost you anything extra. For more information visit Kroger Community Rewards

Sign up for a Kroger Plus card and then sign up for the Community Rewards program, naming Greenbrier River Watershed Association as the organization you want contributions to go to.  This must be renewed once a year for Kroger to continue making these contributions.

 To sign up:      (If you already have a Kroger card, go to step 2.)  1)  Get a Kroger Plus card, either, a) by going to a Kroger store and asking for one at the customer service desk, or
  1. b) Go to and click on "Register" and fill out the information and click "Create Account."  Next, add a Plus Card by clicking on "Get a Digital Plus Card online today," fill in your name, and enter your ten-digit phone number where it says "Alt ID", and click "Save."
 2)  If you already have Kroger Plus card, but have not created an account on-line, go to and click "Register" and enter your existing Kroger card number, the number below the bar code on your card.  Click "Save."  3)  After you click on "Save" in one of the above, an "Account Summary" screen will come up.  At the bottom of that screen is "Community Rewards."  Click "Enroll" and fill out the required information there, click "Save", and it takes you to a new page, where you enter 83802,  the number of Greenbrier River Watershed Association, then click "Search" and click on button in front of Greenbrier River Watershed Association, then click "Enroll."   Thank you for your support of Greenbrier River Watershed Association!


No Mass Permits for Pipelines CLOSED  We became aware of the intention of the US Fish And Wildlife Service to consider issuing a "mass permit" for nine companies looking to build pipelines across our neighborhoods. We think this might be a very bad idea. When we hear "streamlining" we think that means "Look out, communities!"  Comment submission: Comments accepted only if received or postmarked on or before December 27, 2016.

  __________________________________________________________________________   Huge Thanks to everyone who commented on this!  Comment to FERC on Environmental Impacts 

The public has an opportunity to comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Study until December 22, 2016. CLOSED