It only took one day

It only took one day
Chris Wood  January 5, 2017
Trout Unlimited

Twenty-four hours. That is how long it took for the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a resolution to make it easier to sell or transfer America’s public lands. The fight for our public lands started on day one of the 115th Congress.

On Tuesday, the House of Representative voted on a rules package that included a provision to make land transfers “budget neutral”—essentially greasing the skids for future public land disposal bills. No public hearings. No public testimony. Just a smoke filled room, sans the smoke, and the future of public lands are in question.

Public lands contain nearly seventy-percent of the remaining habitat for native trout. Half of our blue ribbon trout streams originate or flow through public lands. Public lands are the backyard of the little guy, not the playground of the rich. Public lands ensure that Americans don’t need to beg, borrow or trespass if they want to hunt or fish or hike.  Continue

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