Stream Protection Rule Eliminated

By Sunshine Wells 2.17.17
WV Metro News

President Donald Trump made good on a campaign promise to repeal the Obama administration’s Stream Protection Rule when he signed a resolution eliminating it in a ceremony outside the Oval Office Thursday afternoon.

Trump was surrounded by a handful of coal miners and members of Congress including the entire West Virginia congressional delegation.

“This will eliminate another terrible job-killing rule saving many thousands of American jobs especially in the mines,” Trump said.

The rule, put into effect in the last few weeks President Obama was in office, required additional mine reclamation work, data gathering and waterway monitoring near mines during all phases of mining and few exceptions to a mandated 100-foot buffer between mining sites and streams.

 “This a major achievement and I hope the people grasp that,” First District Congressman David McKinley said. “We listened to the operators and the miners. The way the rule was crafted up to 85 percent of the coal would have been unavailable. You wouldn’t have been able to mine it.” See full story HERE

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