2020 Legislative Session Wrap-Up: How Did Our Water Fare? Good News!

You deserve a high-five! 

The 2020 legislative session came to a close at midnight on Saturday, 3/7, after an intense 8 weeks. Throughout the session we never let up on pressuring legislators to make clean water a priority. And our hard work paid off!

We heard from decision-makers that they were receiving more messages on clean water than any other issue throughout the past two years.

Because folks, like you, that care about our water responded to WV Rivers’ action alerts we have some real victories to celebrate!

  1. Over the next few years the state will conduct a historic statewide study on the presence of toxic PFAS in our drinking watersupplies.
  2. We defeated the bill that would have rolled-back regulation of oil & gas aboveground storage tanksclosest to drinking water intakes.
  3. The legislature took a step towards a clean energy future with the passage of SB 583, the Solar Bill.
  4. Two bills advanced that make sure public water utilities are keeping customers informed about the quality of their water.
  5.  And most importantly, citizen advocates made the difference on these policy issues. Over the course of the session WV Rivers’ action alert tool generated 44,000 letters to legislators! The results above show that lawmakers know they cannot ignore your calls to action. And we know that without the public getting involved none of this would have succeeded.

You can read our full report on the 2020 session here.

If you are inspired by the achievements above, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to WV Rivers Coalition. Our policy work is paid for by people like you! We count on individual donations to provide up-to-date water policy information and actions you can take to make a difference. Please, if you have used our action alert system to contact a decision-maker donate today to keep progress for clean water moving forward. Thank you!Donate Now

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