More spills: We’re NOT a Willing Sacrifice

Let’s be clear about what’s going on in WV right now. This legislative session seems laser-focused on answering the question of whether our government is going to enable corporations to sacrifice us or not.

Just so you know, we’re not a willing sacrifice.

We have to demand our representatives kill the #MoreSpillsBill. I’ll show you how to do that below—or if you’re in a hurry just skip down to see how to call—or click here to send a letter to the Judiciary Committee. But first I want to show you what risks this will place on us—and why they want us to bear those risks.

Tank locations

Illustration based on WV DEP data, and courtesy Downstream Strategies from their PDF report about the potential impacts of a similar legislative push in 2015

Of course, you probably already have $ome gue$$e$ a$ to the an$wer…

The risks of the #MoreSpillsBill


What you see here describes the extent of the most recent proposed sacrifice zone, which is essentially an area that government cedes to industry damage. This is not just an illustration of how many tanks are in each county; these are maps of costs and risks imposed on us, where corporate pillage will occur at high rates. The darker the color, the more these areas are likely to lose financially, in years from our lives… and the health and welfare of our children.

That’s a sacrifice zone: You have to break some eggs, right? In this case, corporations will be imposing a greater risk of chemical spills on us in order to save corporate donors the money they’d otherwise have to spend ensuring our safety. Then some amount of those monetized lives that saved money is then funneled into politicians’ campaign coffers.

Shocking! But that’s our system of government right now.

The bill in question is HB2811, and if we don’t want to be sacrificed, we need to demand they kill the #MoreSpillsBill. There’s a Tarantino joke in there somewhere, but I’m a little too horrified to enjoy it.

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