Clean Water Act Revision ~ Comment by 4.15.19

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a proposal to redefine an important part of the Clean Water Act, which protects headwater streams and wetlands. The rule the Trump Administration is proposing to redefine is called “waters of the United States.” It determines what waterbodies are eligible for protection under the Clean Water Act. Learn more here.

By the EPA’s own estimate, the revision would remove protections for 51% of our nation’s wetlands and 18% of streams, making it easier to pollute, pave over or build on them.

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What waterbodies are at risk?

Headwater streams that depend on snow melt or rain would lose protections and regulatory oversight and wetlands that don’t touch or flow into a larger lake or river could be drained and filled without a permit.

This rule would hit West Virginia especially hard. The EPA estimates that over 1 million West Virginians depend on drinking water that comes from areas containing streams that would lose protections.

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