Circuit Court Judge Robert Irons hears arguments

On October 23, 2018, Circuit Court Judge Robert Irons heard arguments in Summers County Circuit Court, concerning Mountain Valley Pipelines Natural Stream Preservation Act Permit to cross the Greenbrier River. Plaintiffs in the case are Greenbrier River Watershed Association, Indian Creek Watershed Association ,Ashby Berkley, Susan and Ty Bouldin.  Kevin Thompson, David Barney and Elise Keaton were the attorneys representing the Plaintiffs.

Primarily, attorneys for both sides argued the issue of increased sedimentation resulting from construction of the pipeline across the Greenbrier River.

Judge Irons took nearly 2 hours of testimony and will take all the information and issue a ruling in the future. The Stay on Construction across the Greenbrier River is still in effect until such time as a ruling to the contrary is issued.

Jen Baker, GRWA Coordinator “Attorneys for MVP claimed our expert witness, Dr. Pam Dodds did not provide sufficient evidence showing how much sediment would enter the river as a result of the construction process. We see this tactic as a shrugging off of their duties. We hope Judge Irons takes this into consideration when making his ruling. So far, the MVP has been cited 14 times by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for erosion control issues and sedimentation entering streams. The Natural Stream Protection Act was put in place to protect and preserve the Greenbrier River in its natural state. Sedimentation will hurt aquatic life. The Greenbrier River Watershed Association is committed to protecting the river for generations to come.”


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